3rd Grade Class Page

  3rd Grade Class Page  
 Welcome to the Third Grade Class Page!
Ephesians 4:29 ...building others up according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen.

Third Graders are finishing up their foundational years of education.  In third grade students learn to be more independent and how to organize materials in tabbed binders.  With many hands on activities we approach learning about communities and culture, earth sciences, math and much more.  Feel free to come and visit anytime.  

Educational Websites


Read to Me

Read to Me II

Play your friends or play on your own in this online quiz game

Apples 4 the Teacher  many learning activities for kids. 


Cool Games  -  full of fun cool games that will make you use your brain to play.


Homework Helper


Social Studies


Unit 1  Communities and Geography

Unit 2  Communities Change
Unit 3  Many Cultures, One Country
Unit 4  Communities at Work
Unit 5  Communities and Government


Native Americans

Listen to real Indian Stories

Location impacts culture

Buffalo - a useful animal 

Arctic Hunter

Vikings Arrive

European Involvement

First settlers, First Thanksgiving

Pocahontas - a true hero


Unit overview

Virtual Tour

Take a look around

See your name in hieroglyphs


Make a mummy

Go there now!

Mummies and Pyramids


McGraw Hill Education - This is a great social studies site to investigate and has many games for students. 

Jamestown Adventure - Be in charge of your own future  with this interactive game of destiny.

Be a kid -  Know what it was to be a child way back then.


Practice Practice Practice

Brain Buster

Unlimited Access to Practice Skills

Simplify Those Fractions!

Math Practice- measuring and more  

Multiply by 2's

Multiply by 3's

Multiply by 4's

Multiply by 5's

Multiply by 6's

Multiply by 7's

Multiply by 8's

Multiply by 9's

Multiply by 10's

Multiply by 11's

Multiply by 12's

Multiplication review

Multiplication Fruit Blaster

Divide by 2's

Divide by 3's

Divide by 4's

Divide by 5's

Divide by 6's

Divide by 7's

Divide by 8's

Divide by 9's

Division Review

Long Division

Coin Counter

Expanded Form

Math Baseball

Equivalent Fractions I

Equivalent Fractions

Improper Fractions I

Improper Fractions II

Mixed Numbers I

Mixed Numbers II

Mixed Numbers III

Mixed Numbers IV  (4)

Mixed Numbers V  (5)

Mixed Numbers VI  (6)

Adding Fractions

Simplifying 1

Simplifying 2

Simplifying 3

Simplifying 4

Simplifying 5

Double Digit Multiplication

Decimals on a Number Line Level I

Decimals on a Number Line Level II

Ordered Pairs I

Ordered Pairs II

Ordered Pairs 3

Ordered Pairs 4

Ordered Pairs 5

Ordered Pairs 6

Ordered Pairs 7

Ordered Pairs 8

Ordered Pairs 9

Extra Practice Printouts

Round to the nearest 100

Elapsed Time 1

Place Value 1

Place Value 2

Place Value 3

Area 1


Area 3

Functions 1

Functions 2

Functions 3

Functions 4

Functions 5

Functions 6

Functions 7

Functions 8

Functions 9

Functions 10


Beyond the office door links you to puzzlemania

Access Chapters 10-14


Physical or Chemical Change?

Physical Change Arctic Adventure

Rocks and Minerals

Investigate Rocks


Experiment - How do heat an light impact growth?

Quick Overview

Plant investigation - Help Detective LaPlant solve the plant mystery

Great Pictures and information


Food Chains

Build your own food chain then watch it come to life!

Producer, consumer, and decomposers

Food and Diet

Butterflies and Moths

Butterfly Observations

Life cycles


Brain POP

Meet Newton


Solar System and Beyond

Brain POP

The Awe Factor

Cruise the Solar System 

Solar system investigation

The Night Sky  

Make a planet

Make a solar system

All about the planets

Energy and Machines

Simple and Complex Machines

Find the Machines

Simple Machine Basics

Make a Machine

Friction Tester

Catch the Burglar

Circuits and conductors


Brain Pop

Rocks and Minerals

Earth's layers, soil, volcanoes and more

Move the Continents!

Hands on Brains on

new link coming soon

How does my Body Work?

What Goes Where?-game

How to brush video

Brush your teeth!

Inside your mouth

Language Arts


Irregular Verbs 1

Irregular Verbs 2

Irregular Verbs 3

Homophones 1

Homophones 2

Homophones 3

Homophones Home

Because of Winn Dixie

Where the Red Fern Grows