3rd Grade Class Page

  3rd Grade Class Page  
 Welcome to the Third Grade Class Page!
1 John 4:19 - We love because he first loved us.  

What's Third Grade All About?

       Third Grade is the first step into the intermediate school years. These years are meant to prepare studetns for the independance that middle school brings. We will focus on organizing and planning materials to complete work and projects. We will learn to communicate as a team while learning to respond and build on teammates answers. We will also learn to take charge and be responsible for our work. All the while having fun and bringing education to life through as many experiences as possible. 

Minute To Win It!
     Every Friday we like to do something a little bit different. This includes field trips, service projects, and other activities. This year has many exciting Fridays planned. Our first Friday is Minute To Win It! In this activity students will be split into small teams to complete activities as fast as possible. Through this activity we are working on our communication and teamwork skills, and we are trying to get to know eachother a little better in a fun way. This activity is based on the TV show Minute To Win It in which contastants tried to complete the activities in 1 minute in order to win the prize. If you click the link below I have included a video of the show. Also stop back soon to see the photos from our version of Minute To Win It!
First Field Trip!
     On Semptember 23, 2016 we will be taking our first field trip. We will be joining the Great Lakes Restoration by going down to Lake Michigan and helping to clean the beach. This is also our first Service project of the year. After helping our community we take some time to play on the beach and in the water. 
Accelerated Math!
    In grades 3-8 at Garden Homes we use a program called Accelerated Math. It looks at each students skills and understanding in math and gives them personalized lessons. This means that every students assignments are different and they focus on areas that the student still needs to improve in. Below is a link that takes you to the sign in page for students. 
Accelerated Reader
     Accelerated Reader is much like Accelerated Math in that it gives the students a completely unique and individualized experience. Based on test scores and evaluations students will be given a level to pick books from and then will take quizzes on those books. This is our first year with Accelerated Reader and we will be looking for the best way to incoorperate it. 
English Language Arts Curriculum
     Our English Language Arts curriculum is the Wonders Program by McGraw Hill. This system has an online componant in which students or parents can access all materials that we use in class. It is also set up to display the materials that we are using that week in class. The link below will lead you to the student sign in. 
ConnectEd Sign In