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Garden Homes Lutheran Church

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2450 W. Roosevelt Dr.

Milwaukee, WI  53209


Lutheran High Schools
Garden Homes Lutheran Church is very pleased to offer our elementary school graduates two very high-quality options for continuing Christian education.
Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS) is located in Milwaukee and only a few miles from Garden Homes.  The majority of GHLS graduates go on to receive their high school education at WLHS, where they are equipped for lives of Christian service through a richly diverse educational and extra-curricular program.  For more information on WLHS, please click HERE.
 Luther Preparatory School (LPS) is located roughly 48 miles from Milwaukee in Watertown, WI.  In addition to offering a well-rounded Christian education, LPS exists specifically to prepare young men and women for future public ministry as pastors or teachers in WELS congregations.  LPS is a boarding school, and is able to house, feed, and provide for high school students throughout the school year.  For more information on LPS, please click HERE.
Both WLHS and LPS maintain a strong focus on nurturing their students’ faith through daily interaction with and instruction in the Word of God.  Both offer a wide variety of required religion classes, as well as daily chapel services for the entire student body and staff.    

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