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Garden Homes Lutheran School
 Open enrollment for the 2017 - 18 school year is closed for the remainder of April. The next open enrollment runs from May 1st - 20th.

Summer School registration is still open. Summer School runs from June 28 - July 26.
Join us in creativity and construction after school on Friday, April 28th from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Members from Betty Brinn's Childrens Museum and the Be A Maker program will be hosting a family event in the gym. Parents and children will be able to work together to complete a STEM activity and test it out. All ages are welcome. We hope you can join us.
Nine members of Garden Homes Lutheran Church volunteered to come in and speak to students in K-8 about their faith and career. They also spoke about the important characteristics that help to meet the needs of achieving their professional and spiritual goals. Students asked many questions of our visitors, which kept the visitors on their toes. Thank you to our church members that volunteered their time and gave back to the kids. Pictured to the right is Mr. Collins speaking to the 5th grade class. See more pictures by clicking here.

During third quarter report card conferences, registration forms were handed out for summer school. Summer school will be offered to students entering Kindergarten through 7th grade in the 2017-18 school year. The registration form was on the outside of the envelope and a description of the summer school program was located in the envelope. Please return the registration form to school. Money for the summer school t-shirts should be returned at the same time inside the registation envelope. Friday, April 28th is the due date for summer school registration. Please contact school for any questions or to get another copy of the registration form.

Two of our Lutheran High Schools, Wisconsin Lutheran High School and Luther Preparatory School, have their summer camps available. View the offereings from both of these schools by visiting their summer camps websites:
Wisconsin Lutheran High School Summer Camps                                      Luther Prep Summer Camps

During the last two weeks, the halls have been transformed. Colors and graffiti artwork have been added to improve the visual environment at GHLS. The graffiti artwork highlights the seven character traits that are studied in the Character Formation Project curriculum and our school vision, love, learn, laugh, and lead. The colors of the walls were chosen based on the mood and emotion they represent: Yellow – energy, happiness, Blue – trust, serenity, calm, Green – peace, loyalty, resourcefulness, Orange – confident, healthy, innovative. A special thanks to Zen Castillo for the amazing graffiti artwork and Jaymee Harvey Wilms for developing the painting proposal and the colorful creativity she added to the school. See more pictures here.

State law now requires schools participating in the Choice program to post a link to the school report card on their homepage. This is the first year that Choice schools took part in the school report card system created by DPI. It requires two years of data to receive an official score on the state report card. Therefore, Garden Homes does not have an official score on the report card. The scores listed on the report card represent the state average. If you have questions about the report card, please contact Mr. Dodge.
A link to DPI's list of the available educational opportunities can be found here. It is now required by state law that a link to these opportunities are made available from our school home page. 
April 24-28
K3,K4, and K5 celebrates the Week of the Young Child

April 26
Fourth Quarter Midterm

April 28
Betty Brinn Afterschool Family Activity 3:30 -  4:30 pm in the gymnasium / Dress Down Day

April 30
Piano Recital 1:30 pm in the Church

May 1
School Assembly - MPD K9 Unit Presentation 1:45 pm in the Gymnasium

May 8
No School - Teacher Professional Development Day

May 19
Awards and Honors Bash 5:30 pm

May 25
Last Day of School / K5 Graduation 2:00 pm

May 26
8th Grade Graduation 6:00 pm in the Gymnasium