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  Meet Our Staff  
Family Minister - Mr. Paul Marquardt


Paul Marquardt was born in Elgin, Illinois.  He attended Lutheran schools from kindergarten through grade 12.  He graduated from Shoreland Lutheran High School in Somers, Wisconsin, in 1984.  He intended to make a living either playing guitar in a rock band, or as a writer/director for TV.  Paul graduated with a B.A. in Telecommunications from Indiana University in 1988, but the Lord moved him instead to go into ministry.  In 1990, Paul graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee with a degree in secondary education (history major; psychology minor) and received his state license to teach grades 6-12.  On June 30th, 1990, Paul married his beloved girlfriend, Karen Harbach (Thanks be to God!).  

Paul taught grades 4-6 at Trinity Lutheran, Caledonia, WI, from 1990-1996.  He next accepted a call to teach grades 4-6 at St. John’s Lutheran, Sleepy Eye, MN.  After just one year in Minnesota, Paul received a call to teach grades 9-12 at Calvary Academy in South Milwaukee, WI.  Paul served there for 10 years, teaching high school religion, English, algebra, history, and other subjects.  At Calvary Academy, he also served as Vice Principal and Spiritual Counselor to the students.  In 2002, Paul graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI, with a Master’s Degree in religion (systematic theology major).  In 2004, he also earned an additional WI state license in alternative education.  At Garden Homes Lutheran since July of 2007, Paul serves as Family Minister.  He teaches the Foundations Class and other adult Bible classes, oversees evangelism, the Food Pantry and community events, such as our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Juneteenth BBQ block party, conducts private baptism services and assists with Holy Communion, plays guitar in worship services, visits shut-ins, leads the Men’s Bible Breakfast, teaches membership classes, and is happy to be of service to the families at Garden Homes to the best of his ability.

The Lord has blessed Paul and Karen with 12 children.  With 12 at home, every day feels like a party.  In 1999, Paul released a Christian rock CD, Without Love, We Are Nothing, which contains 23 of his compositions.  Despite their losing records, Paul continues to root for his favorite childhood teams, the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears.  Paul loves to spend time with his wife and children, and enjoys reading the Word of God.


B.A. (Telecommunications/Business) - Indiana University

B.S. Ed. - Wisconsin Lutheran College

M.A.R. (Systematic Theology)  - Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

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