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Affiliation and Accreditation


Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod


We are owned and operated by Garden Homes Lutheran Church (GHLC).  Both GHLS and GHLC are members of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), headquartered in Milwaukee, but with churches and schools all over the United States and in several other countries. The WELS school system   is the 4th largest private/parochial school system in America. GHLS is a Christian school in the Lutheran tradition.


Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

School Accreditation (WELSSA)

GHLS was first accredited in 2006 by Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation (WELSSA) and the National Council on Private School Education (NCPSE). In 2019, GHLS was re-accredited through the same agency meeting 244 of the 248 objectives, resulting in a 98% passing score that provided us with an exemplary accreditation status. 

National Council on Private School Education (NCPSE): GHLS is accredited by the NCPSE. This organization is a consortium of accrediting associations. The NCPSE serves as the national review panel for the standards and review procedure of private school accreditation.

Garden Homes Lutheran Church: The church is a major partner for the school. The school performs in church throughout the school year. Leadership team members make announcements and keep the church up to date about the what is happening in the school building. The church does many events in the community including canvassing in which information is shared about the school. The church also connects with the school by putting on a Faith and Career day. This partnership is very important in continuing to grow the schools present in the neighborhood. The school’s partnership has become equally important to the church by bringing many unchurched families to the church. This is done by a tremendous effort by our teachers reaching out to unchurched families and connecting them with the church leadership team.


Lighthouse Youth Center: In 2004 and Garden Homes Lutheran School built a new building. Directly across the street from the old building. The old building was given to a partner ministry called Lighthouse Youth Center. Lighthouse provides after school activities from children 10 to 18 years of age. This was in response to a need in our community for positive after school programs. Lighthouse helps students with homework, has a devotion with them, and gives them a safe place to be. Families in the community also hear about Garden Homes Lutheran Church and School through Lighthouse and the community events they host. Over the years this partnership has connected GHLS and Lighthouse more deeply. The director of Lighthouse comes to GHLS in order to be a presenter at chapel and also attends GHLS events. He also has preached at multiple Garden Homes Lutheran Church services. GHLS staff members also lead devotion at Lighthouse and serve multiple meals for the youth at Lighthouse.


Wisconsin Lutheran High School (Wisco): Garden Homes Lutheran School is a part of the Wisconsin Lutheran High School Federation. It is our goal at GHLS to send the majority of our graduating eighth graders to Wisco. Schools in this federation recommend each other to families who are in search of a school. Wisco also comes multiple times during the school year to do activities with GHLS students and to give chapel. GHLS takes multiple grades to Wisco. every year to continue to foster a positive connection to our feeder high school.


Milwaukee Parental Choice Program: GHLS has participated in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program for many years. This allows us to serve families who would typically not have the funds to attend a private school. Partnering with MPCP has changed the mission of GHLS from serving church families into conducting mission work daily. Parents who apply for MPCP can find Garden Homes Lutheran School while doing their application. It is one resource we use to make ourselves known in the community.


Wisconsin State Choice Program: In the 2019-2020 Garden Homes Lutheran School will be adding Wisconsin State Choice Program. We have done this for two reasons: First to further the reach of Garden Homes Lutheran School and also done to accommodate members of the church who do not live in the city of Milwaukee. This allows Garden Homes to reach even more children.


PAVE/Schools that Can: PAVE and Schools That Can are well known and trusted organizations in the Milwaukee area. They work with schools, teachers, and boards to enhance the education being offered. They have helped Garden Homes better help the members of its community. GHLS is also listed as a partner a PAVE/Schools That Can which could direct more families to us.


The Corridor Historical Garden Homes Neighborhood: GHLS has become a staple in the community. This has become even more true since Lighthouse partnered with GHLS. Due to GHLS’s presence in the community we were asked to become a member to The Corridor partnership. The Corridor is a group of businesses that are focusing on revitalizing the Historical Garden Homes Neighborhood. As a partner we were added to a billboard that advertises the Historical Garden Homes Neighborhood. This partnership has also lead to GHLS students being able to see local business first hand and tour them.


Crossroads: Crossroads was partnered with by Garden Homes Lutheran Church and School. The purpose of this partnership was to evaluate the ministry at Garden Homes and construct a strategic plan to better reach our community. This process is ongoing.


Christian Family Solutions: GHLS partnered with Christian Family Solutions to provide students at Garden Homes Lutheran School with an opportunity for counseling. Christian Family Solutions provides individual counseling and group counselling to students. This was service was sought after by GHLS because of a need and want expressed by school families.

WELS Kingdom Workers: In a joint effort to better reach the needs the community Garden Homes and Lighthouse Youth Ministry consulted with WELS Kingdom Workers who surveyed the community to find the biggest needs.

Other Affliliations, Accreditations, and Partnerships