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Meet Our Team

Garden Homes Lutheran School has been blessed with an extremely gifted staff. The staff is unified in their mission they work collaboratively for the benefit of the students. GHLS can boast of the average years of experience the faculty has and about the high number who continue to push themselves towards advanced degrees. Get to know our team and check out a few of our stats. 


Faculty With or Seeking

Advanced Degrees


Average Years of





Adam Harvey


Nathan Bauer


Evan Woody

Director of Operations

Gerry Hosbach

7-8 ELA, 7th Catechism, Math

Tyler Schoen

8th Grade Teacher

Sara Bauer

5 and 6 ELA Teacher

Amanda Friedricks

1st Grade Teacher

Caitlin Knueppel

Educational Assistant (4th)

Kiara Sconiers

Educational Assistant (K5)

Carolyn Thomas

Administrative Assistant

Joe Blum

7th Grade Teacher

Aaron Bauer

4th Grade Teacher

Rachel Lindemann

K5 Teacher

Sarita Bryant

Educational Assistant (3rd)

Letitia Pope

Educational Assistant (K4)

Christopher Doerr

Pastor, 8th Grade Catechism

Josh Bauer

6th Grade Teacher

Heather Voss

5th Grade Teacher

Meghan Mache

3rd Grade Teacher

Stefanie Burton

K4 Teacher

Amanda Paige

Educational Assistant (2nd)

Kayla McAfee

Educational Assistant (K3)

Lindsay Ernst

2nd Grade Teacher

Erika Fletcher

K3 Teacher

Kisha Dorsey

Educational Assistant (1st)

Deanna Traska

Office Manager

Paul Marquart

Staff Minister

Chuquee Fletcher

Lighthouse Site Director