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Gradelink is our student information system at Garden Homes. You can use it to check your child

s grades, progress, and attendance. It is also used during the enrollment process. Click below to enter the system. 


IXL provides the opportunity for individualized instruction in Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. It is used frequently during classroom instruction and Virtual Learning Time. Click Below to Sign In. 


In K5-8th grade we use the Reading Wonders curriculum created by McGraw Hill. All materials are available to students in the online ConnectED student portal. Click below to sign in and access these materials. 


Between school, church, and Lighthouse there is always something happening at Garden Homes. Click below to view our calendar page. We hope to see you at many of the events that are coming up. 


There are many policy documents that may be useful to you. Click below on the document you are looking for. 

Wellness Policy

Garden Homes Lutheran School takes educating students about bodily wellness and healthy living seriously. With this in mind the following Wellness Policy was drafted and is scored yearly. Click to view the policy. 

WISCO Junior Vikings

Besides the many activities offered by Garden Homes Lutheran School, we are also partnered with Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WISCO). WISCO offers many programs for our students to participate in. 

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